William Yang: Friends of Dorothy will premiere at the 2014 Mardi Gras Film Festival next Thursday 19th February 2014. Friends of Dorothy is the second in the William Yang Trilogy, following on from the success of William Yang: My Generation.

Friends of Dorothy brings us stories of the Sydney queer community. Wild, brave, compassionate and cheeky stories. William Yang saw it all, he came out in Sydney in the early 70s, a period of great social change. “I never consciously came out as a gay man, I was swept out by events at the time.” He saw the formation of a gay activist culture in the 70s, the commercialisation of the gay scene in the 80s, and he lived through the devastating effects of AIDS, in the early 90s, losing dear friends including the artists Peter Tully and David McDiarmid.

Friends of Dorothy sparkles against a backdrop of the Mardi Gras. What began as a protest march in 1978 is now famous around the world, now bringing together different generations and continuing to change social attitudes in Australia.

Tickets to the World Premiere screening, a fundraiser for ACON include, an after party and a double pass to Bingay available through the Mardi Gras Film Festival website

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