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SUNDAY 2nd MARCH @ 10:40pm


Photographer William Yang came out in Sydney in the early 70s, a period of great social change. “I never consciously came out as a gay man, I was swept out by events at the time.” He has seen the formation of a gay activist culture in the 70s, the commercialisation of the gay scene in the 80s, and lived through the devastating effects of AIDS in the early 90s.

William lost two of his best friends, Peter Tully and David McDiarmid, both artists, during this period. His stories are set against a backdrop of the Mardi Gras, which began as a protest march in 1978. Its progress, which included growing to a huge size in the late ‘90s and then going bankrupt in the early 2000s, reflected community attitudes. It has survived and is still a vibrant celebration, famous around the world, and now bringing together the different generations. It has done much to change social attitudes in Australia.

With myriad images and his trademark candid narration, Yang leads us though this beguiling era of sexual discovery, politics, love and loss.

“More than any other artist, his (William’s) photographs have faithfully chronicled the history and character of queer Sydney’s people, places and parties. With many never before seen images, this film will be a trip down memory lane for some and a history lesson for others. Either way, it’s a fascinating look at queer Sydney through  the lens of one man.”

 – Paul Struthers, Artistic Director, Mardi Gras Film Festival

William Yang: Friends of Dorothy had its World Premiere at the 2014 Mardi Gras Film Festival on the 19th March, and will have its ABC1 Premiere just over a week later. It will then screen at Melbourne Queer Film Festival on the 16th March 2014.


William Yang: Friends of Dorothy is produced by Felix Media and supported by ACON, the School of Arts and Media UNSW, the New Media Dramaturgy Project and Experimental Humanities Project at UNSW, and The Aurora Group.

Creator/presenter: William Yang; Director/editor: Martin Fox; Producer: Donna Chang; Executive Producer: Bridget Ikin, Co-Producer UNSW: Su Goldfish, Composer: Simon Hunt, Sound Design: Liam Egan

For further information: Donna Chang, Office: (02) 9319 7011 or email: donna(at)felixmedia.com.au

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