Artist Angelica Mesiti brings Hurstville to life after dark. The Begin-Again is a dynamic, vibrant new contemporary art tour which runs across two nights on 1 and 2 April 2011 from dusk to midnight.

The Begin-Again features four large-scale video installations and a live performance in Hurstville’s laneways and shopping centre. Involving over 90 local residents aged between five and 88 years old, it is a showcase of vivid imagery: dancers waltz across a lantern-lit skyline; children stage a historic pantomime; a local tenor sings an ode to the river; neon coloured cars pulsate with smoke and music; a Chinese New Year dragon moves fluidly to beating drums on a high rise building. Through a deliberate remix of sub-cultures and traditions, this unique public art event transforms the local landscape into images of striking beauty.

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