For The Calling, artist Angelica Mesiti has travelled to the village of Kuskoy in Northern Turkey, the island of La Gomera in The Canary Islands and the Island of Evia in Greece where whistling languages are all still in use. For these communities, whistling languages are in a process of transformation from their traditional use as tools for communication across vast lands into tourist attractions and cultural artefacts and are being taught to local school children. The Calling is a poignant exploration of ancient human traditions evolving and adapting to the modern world. Mesiti’s work speaks to the tenacity and creativity of traditional cultures in the face of technical progress and environmental flux.

Watch the ACMI Interview with Angelica Mesiti

Angelica Mesiti is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery. Produced by Felix Media. The inaugural Ian Potter Moving Image Commission: a collaboration between The Ian Potter Cultural Trust and ACMI.

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