The last in the William Yang trilogy, Blood Links, is to have its world premiere at the Brisbane Asia-Pacific Film Festival (BAPFF).

Executive Chairman of BAPFF, Michael Hawkins said in a press release “BAPFF will host the world premiere of a great Australian documentary William Yang: Blood Links. It traces renowned Australian artist William Yang as he explores his Chinese roots, and how his genealogy unites him with scores of relatives from local and abroad.”

Gala screening: Gallery of Modern Art, 6:30pm Tuesday 2nd December
2nd screening: Palace Barracks, 1pm Saturday 6th December

Synopsis: Photographer William Yang traces the labyrinthine web of his family history in this adaptation of his iconic live performance piece. William was born and raised in North Queensland, his grandparents having migrated from the south of China in the 1880s to dig for gold. Yet it was not until mid-life that he claimed his Chinese heritage.

William’s transatlantic exploration of his genealogy unites him with scores of relatives from all walks of life, some rich, but most ordinary folk with menial jobs, and most cannot speak a word of Chinese.

A visual feast, Blood Links examines how the Chinese diaspora establish roots in foreign soil, and how over the generations, through intermarriage, blood is mixed; yet the intricate bonds of family remain.

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